All student emails will be unavailable to login, send or receive mail on Monday, 4/19 and potentially into Tuesday if the migration takes longer than planned. Our team will send an "All Clear" email once the migration is complete.  


As a reminder, 

  • Do not email students, or reply to student emails during the migration, starting Monday 4/19 until the All Clear
    • It is unknown if all mail will circulate during the migration or be lost if sent during those time, so it is out of an abundance of caution for the NO EMAIL action alert. The existing mailbox is supposed to transition to the new mailbox so calendar and existing emails should be the same. 
  • Students will not be able to log in to their Mailbox during the migration. 
    • Email changes from FirstName.LastName@bchs.edu to FirstName.LastName@BaptistU.edu 
    • Mail will redirect from the bchs.edu to the BaptistU.edu mailbox up until August 6th 
    • USERNAME LOGIN CHANGE - students will now login with their full new email address FirstName.LastName@BaptistU.edu, as opposed to the previous s#@bchs.edu as the username.
    • Students will NOT need to reset their password at first login as first communicated.
    • Students with a 2 next to their name will DROP the 2 with the new email address
  • Attached are instructions provided to the students. You may receive inquiries from them regarding the email change. If so, please direct them to call the Help Desk (227-7777) or our University IT team. 

These instructions are also posted to MyCampus and Moodle

How to Change Student Password
New Email Login Instructions